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Messaging System

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Messaging System

Draft Proposal for a Namecoin Messaging System


Messages use the m/ namespace


  • UserA registers m/example (via a name_new, then a name_firstupdate)
  • UserA updates m/example with a new value (aka: message body), and transfer it to UserB at namecoin address NAMEaddressexampleBBBB :
    • name_update m/example "message body goes here" NAMEaddressexampleBBBB
  • UserB does a name_list, finds a new m/ name in the list, and reads the message.

Message Formats

Simple Format

For simple messages, no formatting is required. The whole name value is the message body.

Mail Format

Example value:

   "to" : "NAMEaddressexampleBBBB",
   "from" : "NAMEaddressexampleAAAA",
   "subject" : "This is the subject",
   "body" : "This is the body of the message.  Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet..." 

  • UserB can now reply by name_update'ing the message with a new value and transfering it to the address in the "from" field.


  • Total value size limit is 1023 characters
  • "to", "from", "subject", and "body" strings take away from the 1023 character limit. Perhaps "t", "f", "s", and "b" instead...
  • a "name_history" type rpc command would be helpful. Basically a combo of name_debug1 and name_scan {name} 0 that also returns the value of the name as it was at each transaction listed.
  • a "owner_address" field added to return of "name_list" and "name_scan" would be helpful.
  • The p/ Personal Namespace would be a good place to list ones receiving address for messages.