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Registrar Community Guidelines

This is a DRAFT article laying out a PROPOSED set of best practices for registrars, please refer to the discussion page for this article for proposed changes.

Best Effort


A registrars user interface must validate names and record values. Names should be checked against the regular expression supplied for each namespace. Values should be valid JSON values and should warn users when using non-standard syntax. This requirement is considered best effort.

Registrars may not directly advertise nor promote the use of unofficial namespaces except when clearly labeled experimental.


There are no guidelines on exact pricing, registrars are free to sell available domains for whatever value they wish.


Registrars should attempt to abstract the quirks of the block-chain system away from customers such that domains are purchased for a full year.



When available, registrars must offer a multi-signature options on all accounts to prevent the transferal of a domain without the owners consent.

Registrars are generally advised to use zero-knowledge systems whenever possible to reduce their ability to comply with governmental attempts to subvert control of a domain.


Registrars are strictly forbidden from participating in activities associate with squatting, including but not limited to those outlined below.

Domain name front running

Registrars are not allowed to purchase domains nor sell information on the domain look-ups that come through their website. Registrars are strongly advised to no publish such information or, at the very least, delay the publication of such information by several months.


Except for a very narrow range of catch services (see below) registrars are generally forbidden from purchasing domains or offering to sell domains on behalf of customers.


Namecoin as a whole will introduce secure a auction protocol in the future. Until then, any and all auctions should be directed to the Namecoin forums.

Catch Services

Registrars may only renew or purchase a domain if the sale of a domain is restricted to the prior owner of the domain at the time of expiration and sold at the price as if the customer had renewed the domain on time. Purchasing domains known to have a large amount of traffic or the sale of such information runs afoul of this guideline.